Fish Decoy Playing Cards, Hans Janner Deck


Title: American Fish Decoy Playing Cards : Hans Janner Playing Cards

Hans Janner Playing Cards

56 card deck featuring four carvings by Hans Janner, Sr.:
Rainbow Trout Decoy, 1935, Rainbow Trout Decoy, 1938, Bass Decoy Decoy 1935, and a Bass Decoy from 1936. Two informational cards and two jokers are included in each pack.

Hans Janner was possibly the best of the Great Lakes fish decoy carvers and spear makers.

A resident of Mt. Clemens, Michigan, the self-proclaimed "Capitol of Ice Fishing" Janner's fish and duck decoys date from the 1930's.

As reflected by the whimsical pieces on this deck of cards, his fish decoys were fancifully shaped, with elegantly curved fins and highly fluid body lines, and are so unique they are arguably considered the finest examples of the art. What is inarguable, however, is that they are among the most joyous representations of wildlife ever created by an American artist.