The Steven Michaan Collection of North American Tribal Arts: The Art of the Spirit World


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Limited Edition of 500 copies. Three-volume set in a slipcase.
Hardcover, leather bound, oversized square format, five-color printing

  • Arctic: Foreword & Artifact Descriptions by Sean Mooney, 128 pages. Important masks, prehistoric ivories, effigy amulets, net floats, fish hooks and more.
  • Northwest Coast: Foreword & Intro by Dr. Peter T. Furst, 170 pages. Important totems, war helmet, frontlets, shaman masks, antler clubs, daggers, effigy bowls and more.
  • Woodlands: Foreword & Descriptions by Steven S. Powers, 166 pages. Important effigy clubs, effigy bowls, effigy ladles, pipes and more.

One of the world's great collections of American Indian Art documented in large breathtaking photographs and scolarly insight. Each volume takes on a different region, a different collection, however across volumes one sees how the aesthetics of the tribes sometimes overlapped and how Michaan's discerning eye brings together some more subtle relationships.