Poster 1, Yock Meldrum Bass Fish Decoy


Title: Poster 1, Yock Meldrum Bass Fish Decoy

Size of poster is 22" x 28"

Yock Meldrum / Bass Decoy
Carved painted wood with attached metal fins and painted eyes
Length 9", Circa 1930

Yock Meldrum was a woodcarver and boatwright who resided in Mt. Clemens, Michigan and produced a large body of work during the 1930's. Meldrum's style was realistic but highly stylized in both form and painting technique. Meldrum's fish decoys were fancifully carved, but unlike other Master Carvers from the Mt. Clemens, his were remarkable for their austerely shaped fins and realistic bodylines.

Poster is printed in 6 colors in the United States on heavyweight poster paper.
All Master Carver Fish Decoy posters ship rolled in crush-proof tubes.