"American Fish Decoys" by Steven Michaan. Deluxe Edition


Title: Deluxe Edition, "American Fishing Decoys" by Steven Michaan.

One of the most beautiful books ever published, American Fish Decoys is sure to please anyone who appreciates fishing and American folk art and America itself.

Printed in a limited edition of 700 copies, the Collector's Edition is leatherbound and slip covered and features a Hans Janner, Sr. Decoy hand tipped onto the cover.  A red silk bookmark keeps your place and elegant platinum edging shines against the sleek black leather cover.

As an added bonus, a 36" long, life-size reproduction of an Oscar Peterson decorative carving, both front and back, is bound into the book.

The printing of the book was done by a renowned art printer in Italy in six colors against matte black pages.Special matte and gloss varnishes allow the images of the carvings to appear as they would underwater, in glowing and exquisite detail.

American Fish Decoys features over 100 images of the most prized Ice Fishing Decoys from the Golden Age of Icefishing, with masterpieces by carvers such as Oscar Peterson, Hans Janner, Sr., Augie Janner, Yock Meldrum, Gordon "Pecore" Fox, Tom Schroeder, Grandpa Defer, Cy Twombly, and many others. The book also features extensive historical information and shows images of Native American Fish Decoys going back over a thousand years.

This book was designed to appeal to the most discriminating collector and will be treasured for many lifetimes.