Welcome to the Fish Decoy Store

We bring the golden age of ice fishing to life with vibrant products that illustrate the creative skills, artistry and magic of the most important American fish decoy carvers.

The heart of the collection is "American Fish Decoys", written and created by American fish decoy expert Steven Michaan.

"American Fish Decoys" shows over 100 of the most important and most collectable fish decoys ever carved. Reproduced in six colors with special varnishes to add depth and realism, the decoys seem to float above the pages. One of the most beautiful books ever published, this handsome book is available in two versions, the Regular and the Deluxe Collectors edition.

Both are great presents for gifting anyone who loves fishing, folk art and will give a lifetime of pleasure!

All the other great products at the Fish Decoy Store deliver the same level of quality and will be treasured by everyone who recieves them.