American Fish Decoy Note Cards, Master Series 3


Title: Fish Decoy Note Cards, Master Series 3

Featuring a lifelike Bass Decoy carving by Yock Meldrum, circa 1925, 
Master Series 3 includes three each of four beautifully printed Note Cards (printed in America!) with brilliant white stationery envelopes,  boxed in a beautiful keepsake box handmade in the United States of heavyweight cardboard stock.

Cards include: Bass Decoy by Yock Meldrum, Bass Decoy by Hans Janner, Sr., Channel Catfish Decoy by Gordon "Pecore" Fox and a Walleye Decoy by Oscar Peterson.

The keepsake box and the cards are printed in 6 colors and varnished to give the decoys an unusual dimensional quality and the box is wrapped in the images of the decoys depicted on the cards inside on all four sides of the inner and outer box halves.

These cards are perfect for personal notes, invitations and unforgettable letters to friends. The keepsake boxes are durable and beautiful reminders of the great outdoors, fishing in bygone days and great American Folk Art!