Poster 3, Hans Janner, Sr. Bass Fish Decoy


Title: Poster 3, Hans Janner, Sr. Bass Fish Decoy

Size of poster is 22" x 28"

Hans Janner, Sr. Bass Decoy
Carved Walnut with traces of silver paint, attached metal fins and glass eyes
Length 12", Circa 1934 

Hans Janner was possibly the best of the Great Lakes fish decoy carvers and spear makers.
A resident of Mt. Clemens, the self-proclaimed "Capital of Ice Fishing", Janner's fish
and duck decoys date from the 1930's.  Janner's fish were fancifully shaped, with extravagantly curved
fins and and highly fluid bodylines.

Janner's fish carvings are unique and are considered the finest examples of the art. They are certainly among the most joyous representations of natural wildlife ever created by an American artist.

In addition to his skill as a woodworker, Mr. Janner was also a superb
metal worker and spearmaker. His ice-fishing spears are widely
collected and considered among the very finest examples of the form.

Poster is printed in 6 colors in the United States on heavyweight poster paper.
All Master Carver Fish Decoy posters ship rolled in crush-proof tubes.